Become an Agent

Become a MyAmole Service Agent
Get an Opportunity to Earn with us, Become MyAmole Service Agent today & lead the way to a digital revolution

Once you become a Service agent, you will have an option of: On-boarding shopkeepers for myamole marketplace by registering them to the platform Earn commission by selling amole services like(recharging mobile phones, paying utillity bills, booking flight, concert and other tickets)for customers.

Anyone, who is looking for an additional income and is atleast 18years of age. It is mandatory to have an android phone. Additional advantage will be if you have a prior sales experience.

All you need to submitis:

Copy of your Id Card or Passport.

Copy of your highest educational certificate

After reviewing your documents and details, our team will contact you within 3days, and after taking the required training, you will start instantly.

Yes.Being a MyAmole Service Agent gives you benifit of flexible timings.

With this in come opportunity, you can easily earn upto 10,000 Etb per month or even more depending on your time & efforts taken to on-board as many merchants. More the merchants means more the money. Payouts are basis the services you sell. The payout of certain servicesare immediate and some monthly. Details on this will be explained on the training session.